Gleeson Precast Concrete Flooring:

  • is a precast concrete flooring system.
  • is designed for residential use.
  • is commonly used at all floor levels.
  • is a popular alternative to traditional timber joist flooring systems.

The benefits of this system for homeowners have resulted in it fast becoming the standard in new homes. Builders using this system have also found it to theirs benefit, saving them both time and money. Centrally located, our modern facility combined with a loyal and committed staff, is ideally placed to serve all our customers, small or large.

Reasons to Install Precast Concrete Flooring

Thermal Efficiency – A Warmer Home

Using precast concrete floors in your home provides a facility whereby heat is absorbed during the day and released during the night.

Secure Investment - A Durable Home

Timber shrinkage and creaking floors will be eliminated. Security, privacy and resistance to wear and tear will be increased. Gleeson Precast Concrete Floors will future proof your investment, thereby increasing the sale and resale value of your home.

Sound Insulation - A Quieter Home

Concrete slabs between floors greatly reduce sound transfer throughout the dwelling. The mass of the slabs mean that they provide superior sound resistance to any traditional timber joist system. In many cases sound
transfer between levels is almost eliminated.

Fire Resistance - A Safer Home

The noncombustible nature of concrete makes it one of the best materials for
containing fire.


With the rising cost and decreasing availability of new stone and quality fill, many people are using precast concrete floor slabs to form their ground floor. Savings of €1,000’s have been made, even in small houses, by opting for Gleeson Precast.


Building Authorities and those supervising building practices will generally recommend precast floor slabs, especially in soft or sloping ground. Proper compaction of fill material is difficult to achieve and precast floor slabs as an alternative, eliminates the risk of sinking floors.


Gleeson Precast slabs are held in stock and an average size house can be floored with Gleeson Precast in less than half a day. The use of Gleeson Precast presents major timesavings compared to the lengthy process of placing fill, steel fixing, shuttering, pouring & setting of concrete. In addition, the use of precast floors can avoid the delay often caused by weather conditions.


In situations where there is a considerable amount of block work below ground floor level it is often desirable to reduce the number of foundation walls which will reduce cost. Gleeson Precast floor slabs can be used to carry non load bearing block walls and hence facilitate a ‘spine wall’ system.

Advantages and Technical Details

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