SR 21 Annex E T3

IS EN 13242:2002+A1:2008
Aggregates for hydraulically bound and Unbound Materials
SR21 Annex E T3

Particle Shape FI21
Particle Size
Particle Density 2.63Mg/m3
Fines Content F2
Resistance to fragmentation/crushing LA22
Resistance to polishing PSV52
Resistance to abrasion AAV9.3
Resistance to wear Mde 18
Chlorides C <0.01%
Acid Soluble Sulphates AS 0.1%
Total Sulphur TS 0.1%
Volume Stability
Dry Shrinkage 0.01%
Water Absorption WA 0.4%
Emission of Radioactivity N/A
Release of heavy metals N/A
Release of polyacromatic hydrocarbons N/A
Release of any other dangerous substances N/A

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